Friday, July 2, 2010

Social Welfare, Chiniot


Social Welfare is the process of Social Development through which the potential of the people is stimulated to promote effective participation in the process of social change and improvement of quality of life. The concept of Social Welfare in Pakistan is drawn from the cardinal principles of Islam based on Adl-o-Ehsan and Haqooq-ul-Ibad, making the state and society together responsible for the welfare of the people. The Constitution of Pakistan also enjoins on the state to alleviate the sufferings of all citizens irrespective of sex, caste, creed or Race.

The Department of Social Welfare, Women Development & Bait-ul-Maal, Punjab carries out these functions in three sub sectors of Social Welfare, Women Development and Bait-ul-Maal.

The Social Welfare Department aims at the socio economic uplift of the people through organizing the Voluntary Social Welfare Agencies (NGOs, CCBs) by ensuring community participation. The organizations formulate their programs on self-help basis with meager financial help of the Government.

The NGOs are established in a specific area for the amelioration of the people/Community through their own resources both human and financial. The Department has also established some institutions for the provision of services to the people particularly for women and Children.


1. To promote volunteerism.

2. Eradication of Social problems with the help of local community.

3. Vigilance of Violence against Women

4. Women Development.

5. NGOs Guidance & Coordination.

6. Child Welfare & Development.

7. Help the needy patients & work for the Restoration of prisoners.

8. Assessment, Rehabilitation & Employment of disable persons.

9. To keep liaison with line department in case of any National Disaster & Natural Calamity with the help of local NGOs.

Medical Social Services Project (MSSP)

MSSPs are working in all provincial and District hospitals. Medical Social Officer (BPS-17) is appointed to provide free medicines, treatment, psychological support, family counseling and social assistance to the patients through Patient Welfare Societies, Health Welfare Committees and Bait-ul-Mal.


UCDP (Urban Community Development Project) CDP (in semi urban areas) and RCD (in Rural Areas) play a vital role in social sector and development of the District by promoting & patronizing NGOs through professional guidance in their registration & organization. NGOs are working in field of Health, Environment, Education, and Women & Child Welfare and almost in every facade of life.


Social Welfare Institutes are established to provide shelter, rehabilitation, educational & technical training and other services following as; Shelter Home (Dar-ul-Aman), For help seeking for legal assistance, socially deprived, domestically abused and runaway cases.


1. Registration of NGOs

2. Registration of CCBs

3. Registration of Disable Persons

4. Registration of Eunuchs

5. Women Development & Empowerment

6. Training Centers

7. Relief work regarding natural disaster

8. Seminars, exhibitions, workshops & walks

9. Free Ambulance Service

10. Free Medicines Provision

11. Free Medical Camps

12. Free Eye Camps

13. Formal Education & Non Formal Education Programmes

14. Vocational & Computer Training Centers

15. Special activities (Emergency Duties / Disaster Management)


1. Establishment of DIH (Santzar)

2. Establishment SERC (Social Economic Rehabilitation Center) in District Jail.

3. Establishment of Medical Social Services Project (MSSP) in newly established Tehsil i.e. Lalian and Bhowana.

4. Establishment of GRAP (Gender Reform Action Plan) Center


1. To conduct seminars and workshops for capacity building of women, children and Disable Persons with the help of voluntary social welfare agencies.

2. To establish special counter for senior citizen in DHQ Hospital.

3. To establish special counter for career development of women.

4. To establish the Hygienic Environment and clean Drinking Water.

5. To establish Blood Bank & Drugs Bank.


1. Two exhibitions were held in industrial home Lalian.

2. Five Programmes were organized on the occasion of International Women day (8th March).

3. A child assembly was held with the collaboration of UNICEF.

4. A Children Mela was organized with the collaboration of local NGOs.

5. In order to create environmental awareness Face Masks are being distributed by the Social Welfare Department with the help of NGOs on the roads & different corners of the city on daily basis.

6. A special task for the welfare of Bonded Labour has been initiated and they are being registered and provided special sleeping bags under the umbrella of Social Welfare Department Chiniot with the help of NGOs.


1. Non availability of Office Buildings.

2. Lack of Physical infrastructure (Furniture & Machinery) of all offices

3. Vacant non-gazetted posts in all the offices.

4. Non availability of conveyance for all offices.

5. Lack of Computer with printer, Scanner, and UPS facilities in all the Offices.

6. Lack of Telephone & Fax Machine facilities in the all Offices.

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