Thursday, July 1, 2010

Check List og NGOs


Name of NGO: __________________________________________________________­

Address: _______________________________________________________________

I hereby certify that the documents which are required for completion of above noted case have been attached with tick marked ( ) and detail below for six set

Document Tick Mark

  1. Receipt of Rs.100/- (Original)
  2. Filled in six printed copies of model constitution and

Registration application

  1. Plan of action (six copies)
  2. List of executive body(six copies)
  3. List of general body members(six copies)
  4. (i) Minimum annual membership fee Rs.120/-

(ii) Bank balance statement showing (Local Level Rs.2000/-,

District Level Rs.5000/- Division Level Rs.15000/-)

  1. activities report of NGO (six copies)
  2. Repot of Social Welfare Officer (six copies)
  3. Stamp paper of Rs.10/- that so will be non political and

non sectarian (six copies)


I further according to the following record have been authorized by the NGO and checked properly and found correct

  1. Cash book (on printed format)
  2. Ledger
  3. Stock register
  4. Minutes register
  5. Membership register
  6. Printed receipt book
  7. NGO joint account
  8. List of paid staff with memo & designation & pay
  9. Voucher book
  10. Rubber stamp (president, general secretary & finance secretary)
  11. Visit book
  12. Inspection book
  13. Letter of NGO
  14. Sign boards of NGO
  15. List of machinery and equipment
  16. Detail of activities and office accommodation
  17. Feasibility report of assistant director

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