Thursday, July 1, 2010

Rules of business of Social Welfare



· Creation of Social awareness by motivational method.

· Professional and financial assistance to registered voluntary Social Welfare Agencies.

· Socio economies development of the people particularly women.

· Training and rehabilitation of the destitute and under privilege and neglected section of the society such as orphanage, widows and destitute etc.

· Training and rehabilitation of the handicapped and chronically sick.

· Eradication of social evil.

· Relief and resource service during calamities and national emergencies.

· Omitted.


· Over all social and economic uplifts of women through development schemes and programmes of Federal Ministry of Women Development and youth affairs Islamabad and provincial development plans.

· Professional and financial support to voluntary women welfare and development agencies/Organizations.

· Research studies and surveys about women related issues and problems for identifying areas of immediate actions and development.

· Proposing and implementing legislation on Social and Economic rights and privileges of women.

· Trainings in income generating skills and rendering opportunities of income generation to poor women both urban and rural areas.

· Strengthening linkages with other Departments and agencies in Federal and Provincial Governments and ensuring women development programme to get due share in future policies and budgetary allocation.


· Relief and rehabilitation of the poor and needy particular needy widow and orphanage.

· Educational assistance to the poor and deserving students.

· Medical assistance to the poor.

· Assistance to register NGO?s including those registers under the social welfare agencies (RNC) Ordinance 1961.

· Activities relating to chary table purpose.

· Any other purpose of public utility particularly where the beneficiaries are the disadvantaged section of the society.

· Any other purpose approved by the council.

· Collection of the voluntary donation including Sadqat, Kharat and Atyat.

· Completion and collection data regarding number of beneficiaries and the amount utilized.

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