Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Political apathy is the menace and political participation is the panacea

Recently I have seen some efforts to make the masses believe that this system is corrupt or incorrigible. Though this message is right is its essence but the very purpose of such propaganda is to let the political apathy prevail among educated youth. Message is portrayed in such a manner that people should refrain from participating in the political process. Educated should cast their vote but also serve as catalyst in order to pursue others to come to polling stations so that we have a say in making the future of this country. Some of the reason why every one of us should be there at polling stations on 11th May 2013 are given as under,

Firstly, I think its the time to make things clear rather than create allusions for rest of fellow beings. Why "we" need to participate in the electoral process. If one doesn't vote, one can't complain about what happens for the next few years. So be the part of political process in your country.

Secondly, It's our basic duty as Pakistani to do whatever we can at individual basis to ameliorate the future of the country.  Don't we know how many people died so wan have our right so we could vote as per our wishes?

Thirdly, Voting is how the "country decides" who will be ruling class, or voting lets us know the "will of the people". so how when can deny the will of people a basic human right.

Fourthly, this is our chance to make our voice heard. So we should make hue and cry at the right rather than complaining at the wrong time. It is the time we need to open out eyes and minds alongside free will.

Lastly, many people believe and try to propagate a political myth that our vote don't matter in this state, because it'll go for (politician's name) for sure or certain party will be selected even if we vote or not. To me such political myths are never in the favor of state, government and society so being the true son and daughters of the land of pure we should take part in electoral process at one place and also persuade and work as catalyst in the shape of educated youth.

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  1. To cap it all, it's the time to realize our political efficacy that will confirm our participation in making the future of our beloved country.