Thursday, May 5, 2011

A Brief introduction of the District Chiniot

  • Chiniot is a beautiful city on the brink of river Chenab near Karana hills. It has earned its name in furniture industry since Mughal era. It got the status of Tehsil in 1868 in Jhang District. It was elevated as a district in February 2009. Now district is comprised of three Tehsils, Chiniot, Lalian and Bhowana.
  • District has area of 2643 sq. Km with the total population of 1.149 million (1 million in 1998) with total 44 union councils and total Chaks 361. Scope of social welfare in the district is broader. Chiniot was inhabited by Sheikh Braderi before partition then they settled in Karachi and Faisalabad. They are the backbone of business community in the country. There are lot institution patronized by the Sheikh Braderi in the city.
  • Location of the district is another advantage in its favor. It has newly built roads towards Faisalabad, Pindi Bhattian, Jhang and Sargodha. Hence it has a central location and works as a hub in the region.
  • Furniture industry is very much flourished in the district and one on the main source of revenue generation. There are almost 6000 furniture work shops in the city of Chiniot that are the basic source of employment for the population.
  • It has also an Agricultural potential by the dint of its location on the bank of Chenab. Wheat, rice, sugarcane and maize are main crops. Chiniot is the 2nd largest producer of potato in Punjab. There are three sugar mills and one steel in the district.

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